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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Liberty Bell

Weight of my soul
Traces my face.
Salty Trail of sorrow
Left in its wake
Rains to the ground
Collecting in pools
Of immeasurable grief.

     The pain of my brothers
     The tears of my sisters
     The anguish of my land

A lament
For the terror
Of hatred.
The wickedness of man against man,
Evil's most vile form.

Yet off in the distance,
A sound is heard,
Ringing from the past
Into a glorious future.
Reigns supreme.
A song of the heart
Ne'er to be hushed.
The human spirit's
Eternal quest.
Purchased by the blood
Of the people.
Heroes and heroines,
All races and creeds,
Extraordinarily ordinary
The toll of this bell.

Let freedom ring.
Let freedom ring.

by Brian Shivers,
September 13. 2001

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