The What and Who of Meandering About

Saturday, July 9, 2011


I wander this sun-scorched wasteland alone
Lost in an arid and bitter sea of uncertainty.
Battered and beaten by the hot winds of doubt,
I find myself a stranger in this land.

Isolated in nomadic thoughts of insecurity,
I sift through the shifting sands;
An arduous search for deliverance.
Desperate for a sign of hope; any indication of life.

Vibrant colors interrupt my monochromatic landscape.
Sweet perfume fills my lungs; permeates my being.
Hopelessness once triumphant now defeated
Through the fragrant blossom of a desert flower.

Such uncommon favor;
Such unexpected grace.
Assurance that life can never be vanquished,
Even in this dry and thirsty land.
by Brian Shivers, 2004

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